An Agent of Change

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Multi-modal transit becomes an integral part of attracting and retaining the start-up innovation economy.
— Amanda K. Edwards, Houston City Council At-Large Position 4

TAG is honored to host an intimate discussion over breakfast with Houston City Council Member Amanda Edwards on Thursday, December 14th at the Houstonian Hotel.  We are grateful to Council Member Edwards for taking the time to answer some of our questions prior to our special event next week.

  • How do mobility initiatives affect economic development in the Houston Region?

o   Our region will face significant economic growth stemming from increasing multi-modal transit options, as we have witnessed in cities like Atlanta that later hosted the Olympic games, for example.  It will also result in cost savings for residents by affording them an alternative to the unseen costs of lost time and more stemming from congestion. 

  • From your experience as a leader with the Mayor’s Innovation Task Force and Co-Vice Chair of the High Capacity Transit Task Force, how are innovation and technology related to mobility issues and/or initiatives?

o   Our community has to rise to the challenge to compete to attract and retain the economy of tomorrow in order to retain our standing as a strong, international city.  When you think about attracting giants like Amazon and retaining start ups, multi-modal transit becomes an integral part of attracting and retaining the start-up innovation economy.  Connectivity to multi-modal transit options was part of our Task Force recommendation for the Innovation District and is part of our current implementation strategy.

  • You are highly involved in transit initiatives, what drives your passion for these causes?

o   I see the Houston that can be, not just what exists before us, and I believe that multi-modal transit options that enhance connectivity for visitors and residents of all walks of life will help propel our city forward in substantial ways.  Being an agent of change in this space is no easy feat, but it is setting our city up with the mobility infrastructure it needs to head to the next level and to connect our residents to where they want and need to be.

  • You are always serving in the community, what do you do to relax or have fun?

o   I enjoy working out, church and time with friends. 

You can read Council Member Edwards' full bio here

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