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TAG Houston is not a conventional ORGANIZATION....

Our mission -  to advocate for the requisite funding and authority from local, regional, and federal entities to promote infrastructure and a healthier state of mobility for the Greater Houston area as it pertains to transportation - continues to evolve.

We’re thrilled to share our new brand identity, in collaboration with trulyMAD in Houston, a community-conscious creative agency. This identity represents a paradigm shift in our organizational goals and ambitions.


The Logo

Change began, we decided, with our logo. Wanting to update our core representation of ourselves, after discussion, clearly slated us towards a new brandmark. Our aim in working with trulyMAD to design this central tenet of our organization was to represent motion, and embody the state of mobility, and how TAG Houston will play its part in its development.

Seeking motion, but also hoping to encompass the path that has led us to where we currently are, we went through a number of artistic iterations just to get close to where we wanted to get. Check just some of them out here:


The logo we decided on ultimately incorporated elements of our previous logo, but with a newer, fresher look. By distilling the essence of our brand down to its colors, we were able to build it back up and shape it into a final product that we could all agree was representative of TAG Houston.


Final Logomark


Aiming for a simple, friendly, and approachable style, this process took weeks of surveys, drafts, revisals, proposals, cluttered white boards, pages of cut outs, and visual representations to create an image and a presence that TAG Houston can take forward.

Moving Beyond

Designing a new logo was only one part of our effort. As we continue to roll out our new website, mission statement, values statement, typeface, social media branding, and more, we hope our work will convey the identity we’ve worked so hard to develop over our time as an advocacy organization - as a difference maker in the future development of the Greater Houston Region's infrastructure.